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Links to websites are listed here by subject as they relate to our reports:

Sunlight and vitamin D

Sunarc Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center
A website providing information about nutrition, lifestyle and health run by William Grant who has made major contributions to the understanding of vitamin D deficiency and disease.

The Vitamin D Council
Provides a wide range of information about vitamin D and disease.

UV Advantage
This is the personal website of Professor Michael Holick, doyenne of vitamin D research. It contains some useful recent research papers and articles from US newspapers.

SunlightD Organization
Site run by Krispin Sullivan, author of ‘Naked at Noon, Understanding Sunlight and Vitamin D

The Miracle of Vitamin D by Krispin Sullivan, CN
Article by Krispin Sullivan on vitamin D.

About vitamin D
Useful background information about vitamin D presented by the University of California, Riverside.

Direct MS
Concerned with the role of nutrition in multiple sclerosis including vitamin D and sunlight. Important information for MS sufferers on how to control the disease.

National Radiological Protection Board
Provides information about ultra-violet radiation, sunlight in the UK.

Health Protection Agency
UK government agency concerned with public health. At the time of writing (June 2004) a search on vitamin D produced one reference about vitamin D and tuberculosis. At present government agencies appear to be largely unaware of the possible and proven benefits of vitamin D for maintenance of health. Watch this space.

Vitamin Delta
Useful site in Germany providing information on vitamin D.


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